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Our Guarantee

Choosing Your Perfect Piece of Jewellery...

Anastasia’s 6 Step Process plus our 7 Point Industry-Leading “Peace of Mind” Guarantee.

Your Anastasia’s of Broome experience is important to us. You are not just buying a piece of jewellery. You are making an investment in your appearance, your self-confidence and your future. It is important for you to know what to expect.

You need to be able to trust us, especially because you maybe purchasing your jewellery pieces on the website (or in some cases over the phone), sight unseen.

We also have our marquee showroom where we have an extensive range and more, as seen on this website. Our details can be found on our contact page of this website.

Here’s our 6 Step Process:

Step 1 - You visit our website

Our website has a catalogue of our extensive range inclusive of selected quality brands for example: Lust™ Pearls a marquee brand chosen to showcase to you. There are many other brands for you to choose from. Look around and see what you are drawn to. Often your “perfect jewellery” will choose you. You will be mesmerised by its design, or maybe the beautiful gemstones, and you’ll find it hard to look any further. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, we can customise jewellery for you with the skill of our master jeweller. We will consult with you, find out what you wish to achieve in the look and feel. It is important to get this right. The website has plenty of information including our guarantee, so you know you are 100% covered by our “Peace of Mind” Guarantee (more about the guarantee in the next section.) Anastasia’s of Broome jewellery comes with a fully descriptive Tax Invoice which outlines all the item details,and when available, images of the piece for future reference, in the unlikely event the item is ever lost or stolen.

Step 2 - Your Selection

You select your Anastasia’s of Broome jewellery piece. You’ll be offered a choice of services including:Postage options: You can choose from our Premium service (Express Post) or Luxury Service (shipped via FedEx- overseas shipments only)Presentation options: To customise your Gift Giving, you can choose the theme of your presentation. This way it reflects the way you would personally wrap such a gorgeous gift to let them know it was from you. You can write your own personal message to be included with your gift. Your gift will be as unique as you are.

Step 3 - You Choose Your FREE Gift

You are eligible for a FREE Gift once your shopping cart has reached $1000.

You will be offered the choice of a:

  • Freshwater pair of earrings
  • Sparkling stud earrings of silver and cubic zirconia or a
  • Heart Pendant to remember someone special.

Step 4 - Payment

If paying via the website, all your details are held by the bank – we are never informed of your credit card details. We use PayPal and all major credit cards including Amex, which are processed through our secure payment process for valuable goods, which we are required to do by finance regulations within Australia.

Step 5 - Shipping and Delivery

If your selection is via the website, it will be shipped immediately after payment is received.If manufacturing is involved, we need to know how soon you require the item to ensure there is time for the process and shipping delivery time (allowing for local and international shipping time frames, weekends and public holidays.) If your purchase is for a special occasion, we need sufficient time to ensure we meet your deadline.

Step 6 - Option to join our “Remember Life’s Special Occasions” VIP Club

Never forget a special occasion again!You will be offered the opportunity to join our “Remember Life’s Special Occasions” VIP Club. You can enter the details of your loved ones and we will remind you when birthdays and anniversaries are coming up.

We will give you some gift ideas based on the information you give us. Of course, Anastasia’s jewellery is the perfect way to remember every occasion, however, we just want you to remember the important dates and we have a wonderful way of doing that for you. The “Remember Life’s Special Occasions” membership is valued at $97. However, for you it is FREE to join because we know how costly it could be for you to forget a special occasion.



WE GUARANTEE if after you receive Anastasia’s as a gift and you don’t absolutely love wearing it, it is not the last piece you take off at the end of the day, if you don’t feel like $1 million dollars when you wear it or you don’t believe it is the perfect pearl for you…simply return it in the condition you received it from us along with any free gifts and we will refund your money (minus any foreign duties and charges paid on your behalf.)


WE GUARANTEE your Anastasia’s jewellery is made to the highest standard. All materials are of the highest quality and the workmanship is world class! You are guaranteed to turn heads and stand out in a crowd.


WE GUARANTEE your Anastasia’s jewellery is exactly what we say it is. We document the details of the item on your Anastasias of Broome Tax Invoice and your receipt of purchase for your insurer.


WE GUARANTEE if in the highly unlikely event of any manufacture defect of your piece of jewellery or defective setting of the diamonds into the pearl you have a 2 year guarantee. In this rare circumstance, your Anastasia’s jewellery piece will be repaired or replaced at no cost to you. In the rare case of diamond loss, as long as the care instructions have been followed, the diamond will be replaced.


WE GUARANTEE for the Premium and Luxury Service to deliver your Anastasia’s jewellery perfectly presented for that someone special. This includes a presentation box, and jewellery sachet to protect the jewellery (for the occasions it is impractical to take your Anastasia’s jewellery in their box.) For the Luxury Service the gift will be delivered with no fuss, international taxes, or costs to the receiver.


WE GUARANTEE to keep in contact with you and return your calls or emails promptly.



WE GUARANTEE any valuation offered by Anastasia’s is from an independent source to ensure the value of your investment. You have peace of mind that the value of your piece of jewellery has not been inflated in any way.