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My Choice…

My Choice…

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My choice…

14ct white gold bracelet with 5 x Lust charms. Have a combination of white, golden and black South Sea pearls embellished with a combination of 0.15ct brilliant cut white diamonds….
Each charm is detachable so you can choose how many you wear at any one time… Lots today one tomorrow.
Each pearl of 9-10mm is chosen for its own character and charm to qualify to be a Lust Charm. No 2 pieces will be a like.

We choose from the natural colours of the pearl form the soft cream tones to golden, white to silver and grey to blue, peacocks and greens. And dont forget all the lovely colours inbetween. Then there is the personal shaping be it a drop, baroque or circle with the wonderful natural characteristics. The circle shapings can be some of the most interesting of all pearls

Each pearl has its own latch clasp so you can add or take off your bracelet as desired.

There is always the option for you to choose to add more to your bracelet at a later date.

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