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October Birthstone

October Birthstone Jewellery

Sunday, 1 October 2023
Written by Jill Hansen

October Birthstone Jewellery An opal is perhaps one of the most stunning gemstones ever found, and opals are the October birthstone, with its sparkling play...

Opal colours and patterns

What Are Opals

Friday, 30 September 2022
Written by Jill Hansen

What Is an Opal? What are Opals? The word Opal is derived from Latin and literally means “to see a change in colour”. A perfect...

Boulder Opals

Monday, 25 July 2022
Written by Jill Hansen

Boulder Opals What is Boulder Opal? Boulder opal is renowned for being spectacularly colourful. They are mainly found in Australia, primarily Queensland, and although they...

Common Opal

Common Opals

Saturday, 2 July 2022
Written by Jill Hansen

Common Opals What is Common Opal? Common Opals are categorised by the lack of the “Play of Colour” displayed by Precious Opals. Although widely distributed...

Precious Opal

Precious Opals

Saturday, 2 July 2022
Written by Jill Hansen

Precious Opals The main distinguishing feature of Precious Opals is their ability to show the “Play of Colour” or fire within the opal. So what...

White Opal Pendant

History of Opals in Fashion

Saturday, 19 March 2022
Written by Jill Hansen

The Opal derived its name from Opelus which means to see a change in colour. Whilst the Bedouins believed that opals fell from the sky...