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Questions We Often Hear

It is natural for you to have a few questions.  So here’s a list we have complied from questions we are often asked by our customers.

1. How Does The Christmas Club Program Work?
  1. Your funds are kept in a separate “Christmas Club Bank Account”.
  2. The idea is to make smaller more regular contributions towards your target of total Contributions.
  3. No minimum limit has been set, you choose YOUR GOAL that meets your personal circumstance.
  4. Cash and card contributions can be made throughout the year during our normal business hours. Direct Debits can be made at any time that suits you.
  5. YOUR Money is refundable at any time, BUT only to the Christmas Club account holder via Direct Debit. (no cash withdrawals permitted).
  6. An Administration charge of $10 will be made for any refunds or early closure of account (no cash withdrawals).
  7. Refund will be made within 3 working days of request. YOU Must provide the correct bank account details.
  8. Running balance is available at any time by calling into the shop and asking, will also be provided monthly and/or each time a deposit is made.
  9.  When Direct Debits are received you will be adviced of YOUR updated balance via email.
Committing to Your Christmas Club
  1. It is always best to make smaller regular contributions towards your goal amount.
  2. An automatic 10% bonus will be added to your Christmas Club account. This can only be redeemed when spent in the shop or on our website.
  3. Your funds counting towards the 10% bonus is only on monies received before December 1, 2020.
  4. Any monies not spent will either be refunded in the first week of January or used to open your Christmas Club account for 2021 based on your instructions.
  5. The default position is.
    1. Monies will be rolled over for 2021
    2. A written request needs to be made for refund to your bank account
    3. Either by text message, email, or letter.
  6. Your bank account details must be included.
  7. Each Christmas Club member will be allocated a security pin/password to identify themselves.
  8. If in the unlikely event you need the funds to be returned to you, this will not include the 10% Bonus (see item 2 & 3 above).
Our Promise To You
  1. We will hold your funds in a separate bank account from our normal business account and will only transfer funds once a purchase is made.
  2. We are happy to manufacture jewellery for you.
  3. We are happy to order in pieces for you.
  4. We are here to solve your Christmas time gift problem.
  5.  The Bank Account details are:  Anastasia Xmas Club Account, ANZ Bank BSB: 016002 Acct: 4659 76708.
Bi-Monthly Prize Draw Dates

The WINNER of our Prize Draw is selected every two months on the same day (26th).

The first draw for website is 26 May 2020 then 26 July 2020 etc etc.

Can I Bring My Old Jewellery In To Anastasia’s And Have Remade Into Something Else?

Yes, you certainly can! From an old, perhaps an heirloom piece, jewellery you don’t enjoy wearing any more for whatever reason.

We would love to have the opportunity to remodel what you have into a stunning piece of jewellery to suit your taste. So, come in and speak with us.              No job is too small or too large.

Can I Get GST Back When I Take My Purchases Overseas?

Anastasia’s provides you with a GST receipt as a standard purchase process. If you are travelling overseas within 60 days of your purchase and your purchase was over $300 you are eligible to receive the GST back. When at the airport, go to the TSR Customs Office. Ensure, to have your receipts and purchased items with you. For further information contact Australian Customs.

Can My Old Jewellery Be Made Into Something New

If a piece of jewellery can’t be repaired or I don’t want it anymore can it be made into a new piece of jewellery?

Yes, most pieces can be remodelled and if they can we can do that for you. Come and speak to one of our experienced staff to advise you what we can do for you. We will always give you a quote first so there are no unexpected surprises.

Can Wedding Bands Be Designed And Made To Match For Him?

There is a large selection of Men’s Wedder rings available, in a wonderful selection of interesting metals such as Gold, Titanium, Zirconia and Platinum. All sizes are available or can be made to your ring size.

Can You Repair Everything

Unfortunately, not all worn or damaged items can be repaired. Occasionally some items are simply worn out. They may have had many wonderful years of love and wear but cannot go on in the same style without them being damaged and no longer safe to wear without fear of losing them. In these cases, you maybe able to have them remade into a fresh design. Call in and speak to our experienced team for advice.

Do You Do Re-threading Of Pearls and Beads?

Yes, we offer a re-threading service for your pearls and bead necklaces and bracelets.

We have on hand an extensive range of classic designs of pearl and strand/bracelet clasps. They range from modern and sophisticated, to your traditional classic designs, with and without diamonds and gemstones. Call in to see the collection. We look forward to meeting you and help you design a new look for your precious jewellery. All threading is done on our premises in Broome.

Do You Do Receipts For Insurance?

All of your purchases will be supplied with a fully detailed receipt. This will be suitable for you to have on hand for insurance and valuation purposes. It is important that you are provided with this information along with your purchase. 

Do You Do Repairs On My Jewellery?

Yes, we do most repairs on jewellery. We do from small repairs for example fixing a broken link in your chain to fixing those loved and sometimes aged heirloom pieces that carrying memories and stories and that are so precious. Come and speak to one of our experienced staff to advise you what we can do for you.  We will always give you a quote first so there are no unexpected surprises.

If a piece of jewellery can’t be repaired or I don’t want it anymore can it be made into a new piece of jewellery? 

Yes, most pieces can be remodelled and if they can we can do that for you.

Do You Do This Work In Broome?

Yes. Our jewellery makes and remodelling are carried out in Broome with skilled master jewellers. There are, however, occasions when different skill sets are required that are not available in Broome. On those occasions we will advise you and the choice will be yours before anything is sent away.

Do You Do Watch Repairs, Watch Bands And Watch Batteries?

Yes, we do many watch repairs and replacement of watch batteries. Peter and Laura are our specialists in this area. Some watches, however, do need to go to Perth for specialist repairs and/or servicing. If this is the case, we will discuss this with you.

We have a wide range of watch bands on hand to change for those occasions when yours has broken or just needs a freshen up.

Do You Specialise In Wedding Jewellery Manufacturing?

We love making wedding rings. So many wonderful designs…When it comes to designs for wedding and engagement rings, the choice is endless. We have a selection of engagement and wedding rings in store or can make your favourite design that best expresses who you are.. Contact us, we spend time with you to understand what your dream ring is.  We then design and make this become a reality for you to enjoy into the future.

How Do I Know If I Am Buying a Real Pearl From You?

Anastasia’s has a large selection of pearl jewellery.

Jill Nash-Hansen is very skilled within the pearling industry having trained as a pearl seeder, grader, wholesaler and trader, spanning 25 years.

All our pearls are clearly marked as to the type and description of pearl and where they are sourced.

Most of our pearls are South Sea pearls.

Each piece will be marked whether they are produced in Australia or another producing area.

You will receive a receipt/legal document that states the details of your pearl.

As well as a detailed quality grading of the pearl.

We Are Travelling Around /Australia And Would Like To Make a Purchase But Am Unable To Take The Item With Us. Can You Securely Keep The Item/s Until We Contact You To Send It To Us?

Yes. We can securely hold items for you once they are purchased. They can be sent at an agreed time, or once you contact us. Postage or shipping charges will reflect the destination, size and weight of the item being shipped. We look forward to organising this for you.

What is Lust™ Pearls?

Lust™ is a unique branded range of premium quality South Sea pearl jewellery, with a marqee range of beautiful diamond embellished pearls. Every piece is individual.

Lust™, diamond embellished pearls complimented by modern designs is a fresh concept in pearl jewellery, manufactured and distributed exclusively by Lust Pearls.

Anastasia’s of Broome is a stockist of this most beautiful range of jewellery.

Where Do You Get Your Pink Diamonds From?

Our pink diamonds come from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. Pink diamonds are rare and becoming rarer and are sold with Certificates from the Argyle Diamond Mine and/or GIA certificates. Each diamond is unique.
Blue Diamonds are also from the Kimberley region and are a rarer diamond than the pink diamonds.