Where To Buy Pearls In Broome

Friday, 17 January 2020
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Where To Buy Pearls In Broome

Where To Buy Pearls In Broome

When most people think of Broome they think about pearls, so where to buy pearls in Broome? What many first-time visitors may not realise there are many different types of pearls available in Broome. The most famous type of pearl grown in the Broome area is the White South Sea pearl, but there are other varieties such as Tahitian South Sea Pearls, Golden South Sea Pearls, Lust Pearls and Freshwater Pearls. There are also different shapes of all pearls of which about 10% are perfectly round, the most popular shapes are:


Round pearls are as the name suggests perfectly spherical which is the shape most people think pearls are. A round pearl is considered a classic pearl and due to their rarity they are highly sort after and consequently the most valuable. Round pearls fall into a category known as spherical.


These pearls are not perfectly round but are slightly flattened or elongated rather than being a perfectly round shape. Nevertheless, they are so close to being perfect that they, too, are classified as spherical.


Oval shaped pearls are shaped like an oval being narrower at the ends than they are in the middle.  Oval shaped pearls fall into the category as a symmetrical shape.


These pearls are effectively shaped like a button or a disk as they are flattened rather than round. A common use for button shaped pearls are in earrings with the flat side attached to the setting. Button shaped pearls are categorised as symmetrical.


Drop shaped pearls have a teardrop or pear shape with varying lengths being classed as either long or short depending on its proportions. Drop shaped pearls are ideal for pendants and earrings either one their own or paired with diamonds. Drop shaped pearls are classified as a symmetrical shape.


Baroque pearls are irregular and non-symmetrical and in their shape. Many baroque pearls are purely abstract in their shape and they have become popular due to their lower price and the intrinsic beauty buyers find in the multitude of possible shapes. Baroque pearls are classified as the baroque category.


A semi-baroque pearl is considered to be slightly irregular in its shape. A pearl that would be categorised as a drop pearl or button but which is not symmetrical in its shape would classified as semi-baroque. Semi-baroque pearls are in the baroque category.

Where To Buy Pearls In Broome – Find an Expert

Broome’s historical Chinatown area is the main commercial area of Broome and a great place to shop for everything from the perfect pearl or to get a fabulous coffee in one of the many cafes and restaurant. Broome is a very lay back place and a great place to unwind and relax.

There are many jewellery shops in Chinatown some which specialise in their own pearls, and some which provide the full range of different varieties. At Anastasia’s of Broome you will find one of Broome’s pearl experts, Jill Hansen.  Jill has her own brand which fuses pearls and round brilliant cut diamonds into amazing works of art that are highly sort after known as Lust Pearls. Jill’s expertise in design and manufacturing led her to be the first designer to incorporate the fusion of diamonds and pearls into modern jewellery.

If you are looking for expert unbiased advice, then Jill is the perfect person to assist you to get the perfect pearl.

If you would like any further information please email showroom@anastasiasbroome.com.au

or call us 08 9468 8116 at Anastasia’s of Broome .

Author Bio.

Jill Hansen runs Anastasia’s Of Broome and is a highly recognised expert in both the fields of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds. Jill trained in seeding pearls in the Cook Islands by Japanese Pearl Technicians, and established a wholesale pearl business selling pearls all over the world. She pioneered the combination of pearls and diamonds to create Lust™ Pearls, a unique fusion of these two beautiful gemstones. Jill holds the prestigious recognition of being an Antwerp Diamond Broker for selecting and sourcing Diamonds direct from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. She is a diamond expert and is happy to use and impart her knowledge to help customers make informed decisions.


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