Unleash Irresistible Charm With Sensational Rose Gold

Monday, 7 June 2021
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Rose Gold Pendant

Rose Gold Jewellery unleashes an irresistible charm with its sophisticated appeal and evocative colouring. Imagine accessorising your wardrobe with something utterly exquisite and truly irreplaceable.

There’s a sense of seductive harmony and refined allure beyond compare with Rose Gold jewellery, which is why it has found its way into almost every enthusiast’s collection. Dreamily accompanying any ensemble, the rose-pink tint can bring out your skin tone with subtle radiance and understated style.

If rose gold isn’t already part of your jewellery collection, now is the perfect time to change that.

A Brief History of Rose Gold Jewellery

Rose Gold Jewellery

Carl Faberge – a well-known jeweller to numerous Russian Czars – first used this metal in the early 19th century in his ornamental creations. The Victorian era also romanticised Rose Gold as the colour of love in their jewellery.

But it was only in the 1920s that Rose Gold grew in prominence across the world. Cartier inspired this worldwide trend with its Trinity Ring crafted from rose, white and yellow gold bands. Famous French filmmaker, artist and writer – Jean Cocteau – made these Trinity rings iconic by commissioning two of them to wear on his pinkie.

The 1920s was an era of opulence with an infusion of social, cultural and artistic enthusiasm.  The women were particularly fashionable and flouted luxurious elegance with their fine jewellery. Vivid colours and sparkling intensity complemented inspired designs to make Rose Gold jewellery a genuinely outstanding choice. Awareness of its soaring popularity spread far and wide with jewellers using this marvellous precious metal in their displays.


Though Rose Gold has been around for over a century, fashion and economic trends through the years have dictated the popularity of the metal. Today, Rose Gold has once again sown the seeds of a fascinating revival and has reclaimed its well-deserved place as a trendsetter in jewellery designs worldwide. Check out our Rose Gold Collection.

What Is Rose Gold Made From?

Rose Gold Earrings BroomeWith a more exotic finish than traditional yellow and white gold, Rose Gold gets its distinctive colour from copper. Any gold used to make jewellery must be mixed with another metal because pure gold is too soft to withstand the test of time.


The intensity of the rose gold colour depends on the gold to copper ratio. Higher copper ratios create deeper reds and lower amounts of copper create soft pink tones. Sometimes, a little silver is added to the metal mix to lighten the dark colour results produced by copper.

Rose Gold is more unique and exclusive than yellow or white gold. But its prices are similar to other gold varieties because of its mix with copper.

Dress To Impress With Stylish Rose Gold


Rose Gold is a captivating metal with pink undertones, blending beautifully with almost any outfit and style. From engagement rings to necklaces to bracelets to watches and earrings, you’ll make an attractive style statement with its vibrant hues and delicate finesse.  Rose gold is a favourite to use with pink diamonds.

The 90’s evoked a sense of restraint. Yellow and white gold were the precious metals of choice. But Rose Gold has made a popular comeback with fashion taking a dramatic turn in favour of colourful flamboyance.

Rose Gold Necklace

As jewellery enthusiasts prefer to choose the classic appeal of Rose Gold, men and women alike are embracing this impressive metal in engagement or wedding bands, chains, cuff links, watches and earrings.

Rose Gold’s understated elegance brings inimitable allure and warmth to all types of jewelled creations, which makes it a sensational addition to your repertoire.


Why Is Rose Gold So Popular Around The World?


As a general rule, yellow gold goes exquisitely with warmer skin tones and white gold with cooler skin tones. But Rose Gold doesn’t discriminate!

Flattering all skin tones with its bubbly and chic presentation, Rose Gold is a versatile choice to craft designs with modern appeal or vintage charm. The mesmerising resurgence of the metal in jewellery for both men and women is a delight for those who enjoy the vividness of striking the glitter of a diamond or crystal. colour. The sophisticated colouring is the perfect choice to bring out

Rose Gold Jewellery

The durability and affordability of Rose Gold make it more appealing for buyers who want jewellery pieces that last for generations without losing their lustre. Passing down an engagement ring or a delicate locket pendant to your next of kin makes the idea of owning such a unique and enduring metal especially attractive.

Rose Gold Ring

Here at Anastasia’s of Broome, we offer a magnificent range of Rose Gold jewellery choices to complement any style, taste and preference. From brilliant-cut stones encrusted in beautiful engagement rings to elegant  chains, take a look at our extraordinary collection. The romantic appeal of Rose Gold makes it a timeless choice for you and generations to come.



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