How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery. The Nine Things You Can Do To Avoid Damage

Friday, 2 April 2021
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How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery, Jewelry

How To Take Care Of Your Jewellery. The Nine Things You Can Do To Avoid Damage

Most women have individual tastes when it comes to jewellery they love, but the same principles apply when it comes to how to take care of YOUR jewellery. Although jewellery appears to be indestructible it is surprising how easily your favourite piece can be damaged. In this article we look at the 9 things you can do to safeguard your special jewellery items.

Put Your Jewellery On Last and Take It Off First

While this may seem obvious to some, it is a great routine to get into. The chemicals in hair sprays, perfume and other creams can be potentially damaging to your jewellery, especially pearls and other coloured gemstones. It is so easy for a chain or an earring to catch on a sweater when you are either putting it on or taking it off with dire consequences. If you are shopping for clothes maybe best to leave your jewellery at home!

Don’t Sleep In Your Jewellery

This follows on from point 1 and for similar reasons. Your precious jewellery, especially earrings and necklaces can easily snag in bedding and cause bending or breaking of delicate links and fastenings. It has been known for earrings to end up lodged in an ear and the loosening of claws with the loss of valuable gemstones. It is much easier, safer and more comfortable to take off before bed and store safely.

Store Your Jewellery Separately

After your house and your car, your jewellery can be the third most valuable possession you own, so give it the attention it deserves. A purpose designed jewellery box is a must for anyone who is serious about caring for their precious jewellery. A jewellery box will store all your jewellery pieces separately and make it easier for you to choose what to wear. It will prevent harder gemstones like diamonds coming into contact with softer gema like emeralds and the possibility of them being scratching. If you don’t have a jewellery box at least arrange for each item to have a draw string bag large enough to easily accommodate the item to prevent contact and scratching. You may also wish to consider installing a small safe to keep your jewels in when you are not wearing them.

Yearly Jewellery Check Up

We all have heard the saying “Prevention is better than Cure.” Well, the same is true with your jewellery. Avoid expensive repairs and replacement of lost gemstones by having the jewellery items you wear most frequently checked for general wear and tear by your jeweller annually. Apart from protecting your valuable assets it is a great excuse to check out what are the latest trends and maybe discuss updating items that you consider out of date, or you don’t wear anymore. Jewellery Remodelling.

The Gym Is Not Your Jewellery Friend

The gym is great to keep you in shape, but it is not the place for your jewellery to keep its shape. Physical exertion generally means perspiration and release of bodily oils, both of which are bad for the appearance of jewellery. Grabbing gym equipment often leads to rings being bent and the possibility of chains catching in gym machinery. Play it safe and either leave your jewellery at home or have a secure locker to store it in while you exercise.

Keep Your Jewellery Clean

Jewellery looks best when it is clean and free from dirt, oils and other contaminants. Looking after the physical condition of your jewellery is probably the most important part of owning jewellery and often this area that is overlooked. There are simple and easy ways to look after your jewellery, but because there are different metals, gold, silver and platinum and different gemstones, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, pearls etc. we have a complete article covering each of the individual methods applicable to each metal and gemstone. Best Way to Clean Jewellery.

Beware Of Water

Never wear your jewellery in a swimming pool or spa. The chlorine in the water weakens the structure of gold and soaps shampoos and other washing chemicals can lead to a dulling of the lustre over time. Swimming in the sea or ocean in your jewellery is a recipe for disaster as generally the water is cooler than the air and leads to the thickness of your fingers shrinking without you noticing. The number of people who lose their rings in this manner annually is huge and finding a ring in this situation is virtually impossible. Best to enjoy the beach or pool during the day and your jewellery when you get home!


Many of us love to spend time in our gardens and it gives pleasure to you and your family. But the soils, fertilisers and rocks we find in our garden beds have a negative effect on the appearance of jewellery apart from making it extremely dirty. Gold and Silver are soft metals and over time they will be bent and become misshapen due to daily life. Gardening is an activity that compounds this wear and tear and should be undertaken free from your beloved jewellery.

Jewellery Insurance

There is nothing worse than losing a stone from your ring or worse having your jewellery stolen. Nothing can replace the original item because of the love and emotion attached to each piece of jewellery. However, being financially reimbursed and being able to afford an exact replica of the stolen item goes a long way to ease the pain. Jewellery insurance is more affordable than often imagined and provides great piece of mind. If you have some jewellery items that are special to you and you would like to insure give Jill or Peter a call on +61 8 9468 8116.

Keeping your precious jewellery lookihttp://+61 8 9468 good is a combination of using the right products and treating it with the care and respect reserved for special objects in our lives. Treat your jewellery well and it will give years of pleasure and help you remember the best and most important moments of your life.

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