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Saturday, 21 August 2021
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Unique Diamond Rings Broome

Diamonds The Ultimate Expression Of Love!

Unique Diamond CutsA diamond ring is the ultimate way to say “I love you” and “will you be mine forever”. Is it because diamonds are the hardest natural substance known to humans that were forged in fire and pressure, or just because they look pretty and make you feel special? If the truth be known it is probably the latter with little bits of the other two reasons thrown in. There are very few women who would not like to own their own diamond ring and the only thing that makes that experience better is knowing that your ring is yours alone!

What A Unique Diamond Ring Means To A Woman

Unique Emerald Cut Engagement Rings

Having a diamond ring made especially for you is a feeling like no other. Statistics have shown that a woman looks at her engagement ring at least 30 times a day, that’s over 200 times a week. It is the symbol of the love of a partner and a constant reminder of the relationship. The wonderful thing about a diamond is it never wears out; it really is the ultimate; and you get what you paid for!


Are Unique Diamond Rings From Broome More Expensive?

Unique Cushion Cut Engagement RingsThat’s a difficult and subjective question to answer as the choice is yours! You are in control of your budget and can mix and match the elements of the ring to suit your style and budget. The wonderful thing about being in control is you don’t always have to compromise. Let’s look at the three main elements for a ring, the band, the setting, and the stone or stones.

Elements Of A Unique Diamond Ring From Broome

Ring Band

Firstly, let’s consider the ring band and the various options available to a buyer. If price is a major consideration then a Yellow Gold band of say 9 carat gold is the most economical option. From there you can increase the gold content of the band by using 14 carat or 18 carat gold. If a different feel is required white gold is a lovely option, or finally a platinum band is exquisite and expensive. The great thing about designing your unique diamond ring, especially in Broome, is you decide where you dollars are best spent.

Ring Settings

Unique Princess Cut Engagement RingsThe setting relates to how the ring’s main stone is placed, or set, on the actual band. How the diamond or diamonds are set may be the initial thing someone notices when looking at a ring. Most women have an idea of how the ring will look and to many this aspect is extremely important. The setting can be very simple in terms of claw setting or very fancy using a halo setting. Again the choice is yours but there are many options to choose from and here are a few of the most popular.

Prong setting – Metal claws are arranged to hold the centre stone in place. If you have a prominent diamond this setting is fabulous because it allows the diamond to be the real focus of the ring and highlight its sparkle. The downside of this setting is that the claws can snag clothes and may become loose over time.

Halo Setting – The large centre stone is surrounded by a row or rows of smaller diamonds or stones. This setting is popular currently and is great for someone who likes a lot of sparkle. It offers the options to pair other gemstones with diamonds, such as sapphires and rubies.

Bezel Setting – The bezel setting is very popular for single stone relatively simple modern engagement rings.  It consists of a single band of metal that wraps around the outer edge of the centre stone effectively highlighting it.

Split Shank Setting – The main band splits in two as the band approaches the centre diamond. It can look stunning when incorporated with a claw setting on the main stone. It may be hard to find a non-custom wedding band to match.

Channel Setting – In terms of unique diamond rings the channel setting is probably not a realistic option. It is designed to secure smaller diamonds in a row into the band of the ring. The ring band features a row of diamonds set between two strips of metal.

3-Stone Setting – Can be a good alternative where two smaller stones sit aside a larger central stone. This can allow an individual flare with a central diamond flanked by sapphires, rubies or maybe emeralds. Allows you to create a unique appearance easily.

Tension Setting – In this setting it is the pressure of the sides of the ring band that is used to hold the diamond in place. Small grooves are cut into the sides of the ring shank, which gives the appearance that the stone seems float in between the two sides of the band. This is not a common setting but its contemporary nature has become fashionable.

The Diamond

This is potentially the biggest decision a bride has to make. Depending on the size of the stone and the shape the diamond will generally determine the impact the ring has on the wearer and others. It may come down to the question, does size matter? The answer will be different for everyone as there are other factors that need to be taken into account. There are a huge number of choices especially when it comes to the shape. Traditionally a diamond engagement ring contained one round solitaire diamond of varying sizes. If you are designing your own ring then one way to customise it is to choose a diamond of a different shape.

Unique Diamond Shapes


The following are some of the stone shape choices available; Round; Princess; Oval; Marquise; Pear; Cushion; Emerald; Asscher; Radiant and Heart. This is an excellent way of creating a ring that is unique to you but which can be a talking piece and provide a lifetime of pleasure.



There are four characteristics that make up the value of any diamond. 1 Carat – this is the weight of the diamond and the value and price increase as the size does. 2 Colour – the whiter the colour the higher the price. Diamonds with a grade D are the purest in terms of colour and the colour chart extends to M where the colour has a yellowish hue. 3. Clarity – diamonds are formed in nature under great heat and pressure and the clarity of the stone relates to the number of imperfections (inclusions) in the stone. The fewer the number or size of the inclusions the better light is reflected in the stone and greater it sparkles. Clarity ranges from Flawless to SI2 and closest the grade gets to SI2 the more an inclusion can be seen with the naked eye. 4 Cut – this relates to the diamonds symmetry, polish and proportions. This is probably the most important factor when choosing your diamond. The way a diamond is cut has three effects on how it appears to the naked eye. The first is the brilliance – the reflections of white light from the polished surfaces of the stone; the fire – the flashes of colour, and finally the scintillation – the sparkle, when a diamond is moved.

Unique Marquise Engagement RingThe key to designing and creating a bespoke diamond ring is to find a manufacturing jeweller who has the skills to build a ring that will look good and last. As mentioned above the most important characteristic of a diamond is the cut. A smaller perfectly cut stone can outshine a larger badly cut stone. Therefore, choosing the perfect jeweller to help you design your future family heirloom is a very important decision. If the size of the stone is the most important thing in your dream ring then opt for a stone that is closer to M on the colour category and maybe closer to SI2 on the clarity category. The majority of people are not aware of how diamonds are categorised and believe that the larger the diamond the greater the value. If your desire is sparkle and brightness then, depending on your budget, you will probably choose a smaller but more investment grade diamond that will delight the owner forever. This is a really personal choice and only you and your partner can decide what decision is right for you.

Anastasia’s of Broome have an amazing collection of white and coloured diamonds to choose from and a jeweller dedicated to building and helping you design the ring to celebrate your special occasion. For further details contact us by email showroom@anastasiasbroome.com.au or phone +61 8 9468 8116

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Jill Hansen runs Anastasia’s Of Broome and is a highly recognised expert in both the fields of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds. Jill trained in seeding pearls in the Cook Islands by Japanese Pearl Technicians, and established a wholesale pearl business selling pearls all over the world. She pioneered the combination of pearls and diamonds to create Lust™ Pearls, a unique fusion of these two beautiful gemstones. Jill holds the prestigious recognition of being an Antwerp Diamond Broker for selecting and sourcing Diamonds direct from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. She is a diamond expert and is happy to use and impart her knowledge to help customers make informed decisions.


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