4C’s Diamond Carat

Thursday, 4 July 2024
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Diamond Carat

4C’s Diamond Carat

What Does Diamond Carat Measure?

4C’s Diamond Carat – The diamond carat is the weight of the diamond expressed in carats, the official measurement of diamonds. One carat weight is the equivalent of 200 milligrams. To allow for accurate and easy measurement each carat is divided into 100 points. For diamonds less than one carat this allows for diamond to be described by points alone. So a half carat diamond which weighs 0.50 carats may be described as a 50 pointer. Diamonds that weigh in excess of one carat are documented in carats and decimals; e.g. 1.34 carats or 2.51 carats.

Does Size Matter?

In general the price of diamonds increases with diamond carat weight as the larger the diamond the rarer and consequently are more expensive. The majority of recipients of diamond rings would like the largest diamond their budget permits. However, diamond carat is only one of the factors that influence the value and price of a diamond. The other three members of the 4C’s are Cut, Colour and Clarity and these factors significantly affect the value of the stone. If you want a specific carat weight then it may be that you sacrifice some of the other 4C’s to obtain the weight / size you want. This is a personal choice.

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Carat Weight, Diamond Value and how it impacts the 4 Cs

Of all the 4C’s carat weight is the only one where a direct comparison is possible. All diamonds weights are measured on a very precise scale designed specifically to weigh extremely small weights. Diamond carat as previously mentioned is a measurement of weight so direct comparison of two or more stones is easily achievable. In general larger stones are more valuable as they are rarer than small ones as the carat weight is higher. However, the scale of the increase is not linear, i.e. a 2 carat diamond is twice the price of a 1 carat diamond. Rather the price difference is exponential to reflect the rarity of the larger stones. Size is definitely not everything as a poorly cut diamond’s value will be significantly reduced when compared to a well cut diamond of the same size. Review 4C’s of Diamond Grading.

What Carat Size To Choose?

Every jewellery purchase is different as every diamond is unique. 4C’s Diamond Carat Most diamond purchases are a compromise based almost completely on budget, style and expectations. Are you choosing a diamond already set in a ring or are you wanting to design your own ring? Do you want your diamond to have sparkle and fire or is the size the only factor and you forego the sparkle for sheer size? Whatever your requirement you should be able to find a diamond that fulfils your end goals providing you are open to compromise. Let’s review some of the ways carat size impacts on various types of jewellery.

Engagement Rings What Is the Ideal Carat Diamond?

The most important ring you will ever purchase. For many people an engagement ring is their first foray into jewellery. So often expectations about carat weight conflict with the reality of diamond prices. It is best to consider your options very carefully and research the factors that go to make up the price of a diamond, or find a trusted expert and let them assist you and advise the options within your budget. Check out below some of the settings and how you can enhance or detract from the size of the diamond.

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Think about your options very carefully. A small diamond with a  great cut can beautiful and sparkly whereas a larger diamond with little sparkle can look dull and uninteresting. The ring setting can enhance the diamond and make smaller stones appear larger.

How To Save Money On Your Engagement Ring

The ring band has the potential to save money if the diamond is the prime consideration. A simple setting is also a good way to conserve funds and highlight the diamond. The more complex and intricate design, while looking good, can significantly increase the overall cost of the ring. It is a good idea to decide on the setting before searching for your diamond.

Another way to maximise the diamond size is to consider different diamond shapes. The traditional solitare diamond is the round brilliant cut. There are many other beautiful shaped diamonds (see below) that are increasing in popularity and can offer a good and elegant alternative at a 20-40% cheaper than the round brilliant cut.

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What Carat Is and What It Isn’t

Carat is a measurement of a diamond’s weight not an indication of the diamond’s size. With brilliant round diamonds the size of can be roughly estimated as all diamonds have similar proportions. With diamonds of other shapes carat weight is not related to shape and gives a true reflection of the value of the diamond.

If you need expert advice on any aspect of diamonds and how the various 4C’s impact on cost and value please contact us on email showroom@anastasiasbroome.com.au or call us +61 8 9468 8116 at Anastasia’s of Broome.

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