1. How Does The Christmas Club Program Work?

Saturday, 9 May 2020
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Getting Started

  1. Your funds are kept in a separate “Christmas Club Bank Account”.
  2. The idea is to make smaller more regular contributions towards your target of total Contributions.
  3. No minimum limit has been set, you choose YOUR GOAL that meets your personal circumstance.
  4. Cash and card contributions can be made throughout the year during our normal business hours. Direct Debits can be made at any time that suits you.
  5. YOUR Money is refundable at any time, BUT only to the Christmas Club account holder via Direct Debit. (no cash withdrawals permitted).
  6. An Administration charge of $10 will be made for any refunds or early closure of account (no cash withdrawals).
  7. Refund will be made within 3 working days of request. YOU Must provide the correct bank account details.
  8. Running balance is available at any time by calling into the shop and asking, will also be provided monthly and/or each time a deposit is made.
  9.  When Direct Debits are received you will be adviced of YOUR updated balance via email.

Committing to Your Christmas Club

  1. It is always best to make smaller regular contributions towards your goal amount.
  2. An automatic 10% bonus will be added to your Christmas Club account. This can only be redeemed when spent in the shop or on our website.
  3. Your funds counting towards the 10% bonus is only on monies received before December 1, 2020.
  4. Any monies not spent will either be refunded in the first week of January or used to open your Christmas Club account for 2021 based on your instructions.
  5. The default position is.
    1. Monies will be rolled over for 2021
    2. A written request needs to be made for refund to your bank account
    3. Either by text message, email, or letter.
  6. Your bank account details must be included.
  7. Each Christmas Club member will be allocated a security pin/password to identify themselves.
  8. If in the unlikely event you need the funds to be returned to you, this will not include the 10% Bonus (see item 2 & 3 above).

Our Promise To You

  1. We will hold your funds in a separate bank account from our normal business account and will only transfer funds once a purchase is made.
  2. We are happy to manufacture jewellery for you.
  3. We are happy to order in pieces for you.
  4. We are here to solve your Christmas time gift problem.
  5.  The Bank Account details are:  Anastasia Xmas Club Account, ANZ Bank BSB: 016002 Acct: 4659 76708.