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Friday, 7 February 2020
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White South Sea Pearl Ring Broome

Pearl Rings Broome

Anastasia’s Of Broome chooses only the finest quality pearls when it comes to our designing and creating our pearl ring collection. The principal of the business Jill Hansen has an enormous amount of experience in choosing and grading pearls and is a highly regarded member of the Pearl industry. No matter what type of pearl ring you are looking for you are sure to find it at Anastasia’s of Broome. We offer rings with almost every type of pearl from South Sea pearls, Black South Sea pearls, Golden South Sea pearls, Freshwater pearls and our own unique fusion of sea and land Lust Pearls. Each ring features pearls with high lustre which ensures your ring will be noticed whenever you wear it.

Types of Pearls Rings Broome

White South Sea Pearl Rings

White South Sea Pearl Ring Broome Our collection of White South Sea Pearl Rings will surprise and delight you with the size and range of pearls, settings, and combination with other precious stones. Whether the ring is for a special occasion, for someone special or just an addition to your collection Anastasia’s of Broome has the perfect ring for any occasion. Our South Sea White Pearl Rings come in a large and varied array of styles, from minimalistic jewellery highlighting the pearl to more intricate designs for the special occasions in your life.

Tahitian Black South Sea Pearl Rings

Black South Sea Pearl Ring Broome

Our collection of Tahitian Black South Sea Pearl Rings features some extraordinarily beautiful pearls in a range of stunning colours representing the best these beautiful pearls have to offer. Tahitian Black South Sea pearls are the most mysterious and unusual pearls, they are prized for their unmatchable beauty, iridescence and the vast range of colours that cover a spectrum from green and blue to black. Check out our range of Tahitian Black South Sea Pearl Rings and find something which you enjoy owning for a lifetime.

Golden South Sea Pearl Rings

Golden South Sea Pearl Ring Broome The amazing beauty and diversity of pearls is experienced in our Golden South Sea Pearl Rings Broome which provide some of the most stunning jewellery rings with designs to last a lifetime. The natural beauty of these wonders of nature lend themselves to towards minimalistic styles in sleek and modern lines or combined with precious stones to delight and enhance this extraordinary beauty. Please check out our selection Golden South Sea Pearl Rings you are bound to find one that is exactly right for you.

Lust Pearl South Sea Pearl Rings

Golden South Sea Pearl RingThe Lust Pearls brand is exclusive to Anastasia’s of Broome and provides a range of pearl jewellery that is unique. Lust Pearls have found a way to combine pearls and diamonds in a way that is exquisitely beautiful. These rings are literally one-off creations and are able to be used as stunning engagement rings or rings that always make a statement wherever they are worn. If you are looking for a ring that sets you apart from others a Lust Pearls ring is exactly what you need.

Freshwater South Sea Pearl Rings Broome

Freshwater pearl rings offer a less expensive introduction to the beauty of pearls and pearl rings. Thy are often combined with diamond chips to provide a stunning budget piece of jewellery guaranteed to impress all who see it. Check out our stunning range of freshwater pearl rings here.

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Jill Hansen runs Anastasia’s Of Broome and is a highly recognised expert in both the fields of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds. Jill trained in seeding pearls in the Cook Islands by Japanese Pearl Technicians, and established a wholesale pearl business selling pearls all over the world. She pioneered the combination of pearls and diamonds to create Lust™ Pearls, a unique fusion of these two beautiful gemstones. Jill holds the prestigious recognition of being an Antwerp Diamond Broker for selecting and sourcing Diamonds direct from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. She is a diamond expert and is happy to use and impart her knowledge to help customers make informed decisions.


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