The staff are absolutely amazing!

Friday, 30 August 2019
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The staff are absolutely amazing! I left my anniversary touch ups ( I had the present but need engraving and links taken out ) till the very day. So lucky for me I got recommended to take the jewelry there for links removal. They did it onsite straight away, then dropped it to the engraver themselves as well as paying the engraver, picking it back up and taking the jewelry back to their store! In my lunch break I just dropped it off and after work picked it up 100% completed and just had to pay for the engraving and links removal. If wasn’t for their kindness and going the extra mile I certainly could never of had it 100% finished on that day! So grateful to Anastasia for enable me to have the gift on the day intended and my partner loves it. The work is really really reasonable $ too, so absolutely surprised and delighted by the Anastasia’s team, many thanks! 😊


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