Where Is The Best Place To Buy Pearls In Broome?

Thursday, 3 October 2019
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Where Is The Best Place To Buy Pearls In Broome - Pearls

Where Is The Best Place To Buy Pearls In Broome?

Broome is the best place to buy pearls in Australia, so where is the best place to buy pearls in Broome? If you are looking to buy pearls for your wife or sweetheart there is no finer destination in the world than Broome.

south sea pearls broomeBroome is the pearling capital of the world and the town’s history is based on its pearling industry. The town has been associated with pearls from the 1880’s when the demand for Mother of Pearl jewellery in Europe led to the formation of today’s industry. Times and fashions have changed, and Mother of Pearl is less sought after, whereas the lure of a beautiful pearl still remains. If you have the slightest interest in pearls, then Broome is for you. You can visit a number of actual producers for pearls at pearl farms and learn firsthand how the cultured pearls are created and see the oysters that produce them. The history of the pearl industry is closely aligned with the Chinese divers who worked tirelessly in the early years and it is appropriate that the best pearl jewellers are found in Chinatown! Chinatown is the heart of the commercial area of Broome and a gorgeous place to wander the streets and beautiful laneways of the old town. Apart from the jewellery stores there are numerous cafes and restaurants to browse at your leisure.

What Makes A Jeweller The Best Place To Buy Pearls In Broome?

Broomes Quality Jewellery Broome as previously mentioned is the best place to buy pearls as there are many excellent pearl retailers in the town. There are actual pearl producers, where you can tour the business and see the oysters which produce the pearls and get an understanding of the whole process. You can also go on boat tours to visit the pearl beds and see oysters in their natural habitats. There are many pearl retailers who have various levels of knowledge and expertise in the industry. Obviously, a pearl producer will understand in depth how their particular variety of pearls are produced and are biased towards the product they produce. Choosing the individual pearl or strand of pearls that are right for you is a very personal choice. The colour and lustre of pearls can vary greatly from one producer or location and getting a balanced view can sometimes be difficult. In many instances getting the unbiased advice of retailer with enormous expertise can lead to a better result for the client.

Where Is The Right Advice Available From The Best Place To Buy Pearls In Broome?

There are many reputable retailers of pearls in Broome located mainly in the Chinatown area of the town. So, what are the characteristics of a retailer that will help you to find the best business to assist you with your search for the pearl jewellery item that is perfect for you? Knowledge and history within the industry is a vital component, however the ability to translate that knowledge to you is much more important. If you are like most buyers of luxury jewellery items such as pearl jewellery you probably will need some guidance to help you to make the correct decision. Anastasia’s of Broome is owned by Jill Hansen, who has a huge amount of experience in the pearl industry having previously been a wholesaler of pearls for many years. Jill is able to provide unbiased advice based on her knowledge of all pearl types and varieties and is also a renowned pearl jewellery designer.

Bespoke Pearl Jewellery And The Best Place To Buy In Broome

broome pearls onlinePearls have traditionally been worn in strands as a necklace or a bracelet and can look stunning. In recent years one jeweller has managed to combine the beauty of pearls with the sparkle of diamond, creating a fusion of sea and land. These stunning pieces of art have been fashioned into rings, necklaces, and bracelets and have become popular with the discerning purchasers of bespoke jewellery.  They are produced under the brand name Lust Pearls and are only available at Anastasia’s of Broome.

Jill’s expertise in design and manufacturing led her to be the first designer to incorporate the fusion of diamonds and pearls into modern jewellery. If you are looking for something special and which is unique to you then check out the range of cutting-edge modern jewellery in the Lust Pearls collection.

You will not be disappointed!

Author Bio.

Jill Hansen runs Anastasia’s Of Broome and is a highly recognised expert in both the fields of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds. Jill trained in seeding pearls in the Cook Islands by Japanese Pearl Technicians, and established a wholesale pearl business selling pearls all over the world. She pioneered the combination of pearls and diamonds to create Lust™ Pearls, a unique fusion of these two beautiful gemstones. Jill holds the prestigious recognition of being an Antwerp Diamond Broker for selecting and sourcing Diamonds direct from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. She is a diamond expert and is happy to use and impart her knowledge to help customers make informed decisions.


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