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Tuesday, 29 June 2021
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Unlike any other precious stone, Argyle blue diamonds are rare, and striking. These diamonds unveil dramatic hues of blue and violet, making them genuinely stunning masterpieces in any jewellery collection.

Sourced from the Argyle Diamond Mine in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, many enthusiasts remain unaware of the existence of these rare diamonds. But they are the investment of a lifetime and well worth their weight in gold for those who choose to call them their own.

Rare And Desirable Argyle Blue Diamonds

argyle diamonds wholesaleFamous for its extraordinary appearance, you’ll will only  find a single violet or blue diamond in every 25 million carats of diamonds unearthed in the Argyle Diamond Mine. After two years, miners have discovered just 250 carats of blue diamonds. Putting it in perspective, this is only enough to fill a few teaspoons.

It takes millions of years for the vibrant Argyle blue diamond tones to develop, a reflection of the mystical beauty of nature. The tantalising colour palette ranges from rich violet tones to deep ocean lustres to cornflower blues. Every blue diamond has a distinctive and enigmatic undertone, making it truly unique. The sheer scarcity of these blue diamonds makes them so sought after and elevates their investment value.

With a growing appreciation for its rarity, jewellery aficionados and collectors from many parts of the world are looking to add this diamond to their repertoire.

Grading Levels For Argyle Blue Diamonds

Argyle blue diamonds are broken down into three colour categories from BL1 to BL3. The lightest blue shades fall in the BL1 category and the darkest tones in BL3. Even subtle colour differences can impact value and grade levels for blue diamonds from the Argyle mine.

Suppliers follow stringent controls in mining, polishing, and distribution to maintain the authenticity of the Argyle blue diamond. Each diamond has a unique identification number inscription. If you make a purchase, you’ll also receive an Authenticity and Gem Identification document.

Showing Off The Enchanting Blue Diamond

For those privileged enough to own a blue diamond, the majestic colour tones echo a sense of royalty. The Argyle blue diamond makes its appearance even more spectacular when intricately detailed in an exquisite necklace or finished off to perfection in a delicate engagement ring. With unparalleled grandeur, it is the perfect choice for affluent buyers who love a little bit of indulgence.

Bespoke jewellery pieces emphasise the natural beauty of the Argyle blue diamond to create an exclusive treasure. You will love it in any piece of jewellery, whether you choose to wear it in a necklace, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or even a ring. The diamond pairs beautifully with formal ensembles worn on special occasions, but it is versatile enough to complement any casual outfit too.

Choosing The Blue Diamond As The Ultimate Gift

Argyle Blue Diamond for Sale

This is the perfect gifting choice to make her feel extra special. Exuding charm and splendour, you cannot go wrong with the Argyle blue diamond as the ultimate gift.

Want to make her your wife? Imagine going down on one knee under the glittering stars and proposing to the love of your life. You’ll make it even better with a magnificently designed engagement ring encrusted with an impressive blue diamond. Slip the ring on her finger, and she’ll feel like the luckiest woman in the world.

Want your mother to have something remarkably valuable to thank her? Why not show her how much you care with an Argyle blue diamond necklace for Mother’s Day? She’s spent a lifetime taking care of you, and this incredible gift is sure to make her feel extra special.

Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary milestone or want to give your wife the appreciation she deserves, a blue diamond ring or earring is sure to dazzle her.

Though exceptionally rare, the versatility of the blue diamond is enough to bring out the brilliance of any piece of jewellery. It complements every style imaginable with its natural beauty, brilliant colour tone, and perfect style – making it the ultimate gifting choice.

Adding The Blue Diamond To Your Jewellery Repertoire

Blue Diamond Jewellery

With intense blue shades to entice you, no diamond on earth is as rare as the Argyle blue diamond.

At Anastasia’s of Broome, we offer an exquisite collection of Argyle blue diamonds with bespoke designs, styles, and patterns. If you want to add one to your collection, you can enjoy it as an alluring ring on your finger or dress up your ensemble with a spectacular necklace. If you need to discuss call us on +61894688116 or email showroom@anastasiasbroome.com.au

We can even design signature pieces for those seeking a truly irreplaceable and timeless treasure for generations to come. You’ll know the true meaning of priceless as the proud owner of a gorgeous blue diamond encased in a bespoke jewellery masterpiece for your collection.

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Jill Hansen runs Anastasia’s Of Broome and is a highly recognised expert in both the fields of South Sea Pearls and Diamonds. Jill trained in seeding pearls in the Cook Islands by Japanese Pearl Technicians, and established a wholesale pearl business selling pearls all over the world. She pioneered the combination of pearls and diamonds to create Lust™ Pearls, a unique fusion of these two beautiful gemstones. Jill holds the prestigious recognition of being an Antwerp Diamond Broker for selecting and sourcing Diamonds direct from the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp. She is a diamond expert and is happy to use and impart her knowledge to help customers make informed decisions.


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